Life Events

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Baptism is a service of Christian initiation; and while the Church of England traditionally offers baptism to infants there is no age requirement on baptism – it is also available to all people, regardless of their age, so long as they have not been baptised previously. In a service of baptism for babies and children, the parents and godparents make a commitment to pray for the child and to draw him or her in the community of faith; to walk with them in the way of Christ; and to help them to take their place within the life and worship of Christ’s Church. In adult baptism, the candidates make the promises for themselves.


Everyone at our four churches, would like to congratulate you on your engagement. We are certain that you and your families all want your big day to be both momentous and personal so that your married life gets off to the best possible start.


It is natural that when someone dies, their family and friends will want to come together to express their grief and give thanks for their life at a funeral service. Many will also want to commend that person into God’s safe keeping and will therefore want that service to be conducted by the local vicar or other minister either in church, or at the local crematorium or cemetery.

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